Top 10 knitting and scarf designs 2013

Scarves are the best accessories to be donned at the time of fall. Not only these keep you warm but also add a tint of glamor and charm to your personality. If you also are very fond of scarves then you can make some of them for yourself easily. Here in this article you would get to know about the top 10 knitting and scarf designs which you can make on your own.

1) Short and sexy scarf

This one of the classic scarf patterns which is very popular and you would simply love to wear it with all your woolen apparels. You would need 100% rayon yarn for this and needles of size 6 and 7. For making this one cast on 20-25 stitches and knit till the end of the yarn’s skein.

2) Multicolored dotted black scarf

This one is really adorable and for this you would need 2 skeins of Prisma yarn by Filatura DiCrosa Italy. The needles required should be of size 15. Cast on 10 sts.

3) Long multicolored scarf

Use chameleon’s yarn( one skein) and use needles of size 17.

4) White fuzzy scarf

With the needles of size 11 and two Eskimo balls by Filatura DiCrosa of Italy cast of 15 sts. This one is really warm and soft.

5) Burgundy scarf with sparkles

In this one you would need to add fringes and the strands should be 5-6 inches long. The scarf should be about 6 by 45 inches in area. You would need to use two balls of Gala yarn.

6) Soft green scarf

Use one skein of Hiphop yarn by Borrocco and cast on 16 stitches and knit for 16 rows. Add a non fuzzy yarn and while knitting with both yarns come to the row decreasing by 4 stitches and knit two of them together four times at equal spaces.

7) Fiber scarf

This one barely uses yarns and you would have to use Explosion by Plymouth. Make 15 stitches with the help of needles of size 15.

8) Easy to make multicolored yarn

The best thing about this yarn is that you would use a combination of yarns instead of picking multiple yarns. The yarn you would need to use here is the Show stopper yarn by ironstone. Make 100 stitches and use needles of size 17.

9) Charming scarf

This yarn would be made with only silk ribbons and so it would look very elegant. You would need 14 yard spools and the main scarf would be of 3 to 69 inches size and at the end 12 inches of ribbon would be added.

10) Brown and black scarf

Make 100 stitches with 11 numbered needles and use brown and black colored yarns.