Kate Middleton winter fashion outfits and hats

Kate or Catherine is considered one of the most fashionable people among women as she has been often listed on “the best dressed” lists many times. Even the popular newspaper “The Daily Telegraph” selected her as “The most promising newcomer” in its list of 2006 for style and fashion winners. People magazine selected her for the list of best fashion icons in the year 2007 and 2010. One of the biggest accomplishments of her was to make it to the annual Best Dressed lists by Vanity Fair in three consecutive years namely 2010, 2011 and 2012. She has been an inspiration for millions of women and her taste for fashion and style has been deeply admired.

As the winters are approaching Kate Middleton could be seen donning trendy winter fashion outfits and hats. Even the glamor magazine is apparently referring her as “The Winter Warmer”. She was spotted at various occasions where she was flaunting her winter collection as other women got filled with awe as they saw her. At one such occasion she was seen wearing a beautiful tan colored overcoat with a black scarf along with gloves with which she look extremely appealing and glamorous. Here maroon-pink overcoat has also been admired by various women and she was seen wearing it along with tight blue jeans.

On Kate’s visit to St. Andrews University along with her husband Prince Willian she decided to wear a very vibrant and attractive red colored suit which was well tailored. The red linen gloves which she wore along complemented her looks well. On other occasion when she made her debut as the fiancé she wore a long sleeved blue dress which inspired various such dresses and were all sold out like hot buns all over the world.

On the occasion of the wedding of harry Meade Kate wore an electric blue dress along with a rich black blazer which made her look stunning. Additionally she accessorized with a suntan (earned by the visit to Kenya) which acted like an icing on a cake. Also she was wearing a wide brimmed black colored hat which went well with her attire.

Whether it is Kate’s charismatic beauty or her special taste for fashion and apparels, she is indeed ruling the hearts of all the women out there who admire her and respect her for her beauty and charm. She has been quite successful in becoming an inspiration for the women who love to style and admire fashion.